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a physician who is not a specialist but treats all illnesses

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Methods: An anonymous, randomized, national survey and 1-week response prompt with 1-month follow-up mailing as necessary were distributed to nationwide samples of board-certified American family practitioners and psychiatrists.
which has two family practitioners and a nurse practitioner
Each family practitioner is assigned a care area (patch) that does not overlap with any other patch.
Only 50 years and 50 new specialties later, the general practitioner, now called family practitioner or general internist and trained for three or more years past the MD or DO, is thought to be able to do nothing well and is compensated accordingly.
Kenneth Murray, a family practitioner in North Hollywood, said he waits six months to a year before prescribing new nonbreakthrough medications to his patients.
With a projected February 2002 opening date, the facility, while designed to accommodate five doctors, will feature a pediatrician, an internist and a family practitioner when doors open.
I started practice in 1974 as a "solo" family practitioner, with the latest in computers and equipment, professional staff, nurse practitioners, and more than 2,000 square feet of office space.
The family practitioner was originally charged in January in connection with the alleged assaults in Los Angeles, and was scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing on the charges next week, Katz said.
The book is well-written and easy to understand, and the approaches to problem areas are helpful and can be utilized by the community or the prospective family practitioner.
VALENCIA - A family practitioner at the Facey Medical Center in Valencia was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of sexually assaulting two middle-age female patients, officials said.
I hope that I never forget what I was like to be up for three nights in a row as a solo family practitioner, doing everything from delivering babies, to managing cardiogenic shock, to assisting in major surgery.
But in one of the poorest communities in North America this weekend, the Burbank family practitioner will be dispensing medical care with little bureaucratic hassle and, in the process, rediscovering her motivation for joining the profession in the first place.
For a family practitioner, there is a fairly even balance on a variety of measures, whereas for specialists, hospital and referral costs have more weight.
Ray Menchaca, a family practitioner who shares a building with Geer, agreed that her presence in Fillmore benefits everyone.
Dial said a family practitioner is typically trained in a wide range of medical skills, while psychiatrists treat specific conditions.
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