general practitioner

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a physician who is not a specialist but treats all illnesses

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Caroline Cederquist is a family practice physician and is also board certified in bariatrics.
Family practice physicians, he said, are trained to handle almost any medical condition and that training has served Dr Liddle well.
John Huskins, family practice physician at the Medical Center, said laser treatment eliminates the scarring and the recovery period that often accompany surgery.
Don Colbert, a family practice physician in Florida, believes he has found the holy grail for losing weight and eating healthy: the "Jesus way of eating.
Hett is a recognized family practice physician who will help our clinic continue to expand its focus on women's health and pediatric care," said Mike Foley, Apple Valley Medical Clinic Administrator and Chief Operating Officer.
Arkins is a graduate of the University of Arkansas School of Pharmacy and the University of Arkansas College of Medicine and served as a family practice physician in Bentonville, Arkansas.
As a family practice physician I am a red/blue--goal-directed and caring of others.
Don Bean lost in the November 2002 election to Snow, a retired registered nurse, and family practice physician Dr.
Thomas Hollis, a family practice physician, rides his Harley-Davidson motorcycle during his spot.
Jack Lewin, chief executive officer with the California Medical Association and a family practice physician.
95), a mother of three, family practice physician and weight-loss specialist who lives with her family in Kingsport, Tenn.
As an excellent family practice physician at a managed care company told me, "Here's the situation.
retired after 35 years as a family practice physician with the Apple Valley Medical Clinic, located within the Apple Valley Medical Center.
Family Practice Physician (no pediatrics) selling practice in order to retire.
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