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New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good, A Call to Christian Common Ground on Family Planning, and Maternal, and Children's Health, Oak Ridge, TN: New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good, 2012, <http://www.
It emphasized that access to contraception prevents unintended pregnancies and reduces abortion, and stressed the need to avoid "confusion of family planning with abortion" that has led some religious groups to oppose both.
Fertility differences among developing countries: are they still related to family planning program efforts and social settings?
Hand-in-hand with this right is a need to honour the dignity of women by giving them a range of family planning options and the freedom to make their own personal choice," she noted.
The Director General of International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), Tewodros Melesse said that the people of the country should get access to the family planning services.
Womencare Global, is trying to provide access to affordable reproductive health technologies, and its CEO, Saundra Pelletier said her organisation works to get family planning to markets where its absence endangers entire families and communities.
Since then, a deep and regrettable divide has been created - largely along partisan lines - on the subject of family planning.
4 states prohibit the use of state family planning funds for abortion counseling and referral.
Other public funding sources for family planning services for low-income and uninsured women and men include the Maternal and Child Health Block Grant, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, and Title X--the only federal program dedicated solely to providing family planning services to low-income individuals.
To help improve reproductive education in the country, UNFPA has organized various training courses for religious leaders throughout the different governates to spread the message that family planning is Islamically-approved.
Keywords: family planning, contraception, spousal communication, population, vasectomy, male, Ghana
FAMILY planning in the world's poorest countries should be dealt with as a higher priority than tackling HIV and Aids, an environmental campaigner told a science festival.
Even though family planning has long enjoyed a special status in the Medicaid program, that was not the case when the program was enacted more than 40 years ago.
Key health care providers, medical professors and faculty, family planning trainers, and other stakeholders have met in Bishkek on June 5 to learn the latest recommendations on the use of modern contraceptive methods.
The global family planning revolution; three decades of population policies and programs.
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