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a man whose family is of major importance in his life

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There have also been visits from a "historical dad", where event organisers have dressed up as famous family men throughout history and interacted with the children.
The 15th annual Blessing of the Cars at Hansen Dam attracted a mix of punks, priests, rockabilly cats and family men.
Names of historians, both those he likes and those he does not, appear so frequently that it seems unlikely that readers unaware of scholarly debates will find Family Men as meaningful as they might.
Both are family men, both partied too hard when they were younger, [and] half the time you can't understand what they're saying.
Although Maids journey pulls her in several different directions, it is her struggle against Severin, the seventh of the Johanssen family men, that truly defines the novel.
In contrast, hustlers' clients -- family men whose only homosexual contacts involved male prostitutes -- had a more realistic view of AIDS risk and safe-sex options, Wilson says.
As I recall, the ``Backdraft'' boys, like the men who man Baltimore trucks in this one, were fun-loving family men, overwhelmingly Irish Catholic, constantly busting one another's chops but willing to sacrifice their lives for one another, and very into rituals - weddings, birthdays and, sadly but with great pageantry, funerals.