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Though he is waiting for his own death and trying to bring his supposedly cursed family line to an end, he impregnates two young women.
Of humans, pedigree is lineage, it is your family tree, it tells you which family line you are destined to continue and of dogs, the word pedigree proves that an animal is pure bred and has a known ancestry.
Works by Eric Gaskell, including this abstract (above) and a piece symbolising the family line (right) are on show at Rugby Gallery.
Brendan said: "I'm a believer that things come down through the family line.
The two sports that produce most passion in the Czech Republic are ice hockey and football ( and George Stancl may have carved out a career in either but for the emotional pull speedway has had right down the family line.
I AM trying to trace my Welsh family line and I am interested in locating any descendants of Richard Jones who married Margaret Williams in 1840 in St David's Church, Liverpool.
I have been interested in genealogy for some years and have traced my family line back to the late 1700s, and other family links as far back as the 1500s.
1 singles player is part of a continuing family line of tennis players for the Rebels.
They will hit US stores this autumn, along with other additions to the Happy Family Line.
You went to great lengths to persuade us that this house should be handed down the family line while briefly telling us that the new tenant was born in Blaenau Ffestiniog.
RespCare's new family line of Full Face masks has brought back the meaning of comfort and versatility in a universal interface.
Researchers also found that the Cruise family line dated back to the Anglo-Normans and aristocrat Strongbow, Richard de Clare, the first Earl of Pembroke and Lord of Leinster.
Hailing from a family line that includes multiple Group One winner High Chaparral, Red Hand was evidently not quite ready to run as a juvenile.
THE last member of a family line that has led Irn-Bru maker AG Barr for more than a century is to step down from the helm of the soft drinks firm today.
Eric's exhibition, called The Family Line - Art & Genealogy, is inspired by the census, parish records, old tombstones and maps of the town.
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