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a general practitioner who treats all the family members

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But, you know, there are always moral, spiritual causes at the back in these cases," the family doctor permitted himself to interpolate with a subtle smile.
The family doctor listened attentively and respectfully.
The chairman of the BMA's General Practitioners' Committee, Dr John Chisholm, said it was designed to be the beginning of a "fundamental review" of where family doctors should go in the new Millennium.
He also cautioned that family doctors, such as himself, will find it hard to take on more patients, if the program closes.
But in a world where family doctors and specialists are increasingly busy and hard to reach, our mission is to hear the caller's questions and provide prompt and accurate answers to health-related questions," he said.
Family doctors will also be encouraged to carry out a wider range of tests and minor operations to reduce hospital waiting lists.
An agreement was finally reached yesterday in the long-running wrangle over family doctor contracts and working conditions.
In addition, psychiatrists involved in the program meet with patients in conjunction with their family doctors in the physician's office on a regular basis.
Also you should have a regular family doctor who handles routine illnesses and injuries as well as preventive care.
And hospital emergency units are swamped by people who don't wait to see their family doctor.
William Marsh, a family doctor in Scottsdale, Arizona, who says "My income is up, my costs are down and I can get all my work done in seven hours a day.
The Family Doctor Connection phone line launched in 2001 has processed more than 62,000 calls.
The changes mean patients no longer see their family doctor out of surgery hours.
5 /PRNewswire/ -- Tribune Media Services and iVillage today launch THE FAMILY DOCTOR ONLINE Web site (www.
Earnings for Birmingham GPs have dropped in the past year but they still net more than the average family doctor, says a survey.