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a general practitioner who treats all the family members

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Family Doctor was tested on a fast system (120 MHz Pentium, 16MB RAM, six-speed CD-ROM drive) and a system with the minimum configuration (486/33, 8MB RAM, double-speed CD-ROM), both running the Windows 95 operating system.
Both the content and the format of The Family Doctor have been updated.
Everything you need to know in 60 minutes about how to get media exposure as a family doctor and how to use your visibility as a way to brand yourself as a thought leader and enhance your reputation
Coventry GP Dr Grant Ingrams said: "The loss of such highly experienced family doctors, hounded out by the disgraceful behaviour of this government, will only cause harm to the service and patient care.
At that time primary care sports medicine was still largely based in orthopedics, but was beginning to emerge as a specialty O'Connor performed fourth-year rotations as both an orthopedic surgeon and as a family doctor.
This means that when you sign on with a family doctor you take pot luck - you could get a modern, efficient, dedicated group practice or you could be lumbered with some clapped-out old has-been who doesn't give a toss about his patients and is only interested in golf and early retirement.
Jennifer Weyler, explaining her decision two years ago as a medical student to become a family doctor.
Everything a family doctor needs to know in 60 minutes about how to use Facebook as a valuable tool for referrals and as a way to share information with colleagues
Dr Sanderson worked as a family doctor in Guide Post for 31 years and is looking forward to using his experience as a GP to work with one of the hospital trust.
Latest figures showed that the average age of a family doctor in Wales has risen to 46 since devolution.
Being a family doctor is a towering responsibility and the opportunities for misdiagnosis or misunderstanding are endless.
Then you get to stay home from work, even after getting in to see your family doctor.
Here, Dr Ian Bogle - the Anfield family doctor and chairman of the BMA - says: Stop blaming the doctors.
If a certain New Yorker had gone to medical school instead of into comedy, he'd undoubtedly be a family doctor.
Mr Hunt has also announced new proposals which could see patients being able to see how much their family doctor is paid.