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a large Bible with pages to record marriages and births

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We are still interested in the contents of the family Bible and should you have the opportunity of going to Cardiff to see the Bible, we would appreciate your telling us of the contents.
Mr Faull added, for anyone looking for a windfall: "These notes were sometimes placed in family bibles, perhaps for safekeeping, then forgotten about.
There will be an exhibition of memorabilia, including a bust of the 5th Earl of Dartmouth (who provided the land), the medal given to the guests invited to the opening in 1878, the 6th Earl of Dartmouth's family Bibles lent by our patron, the 10th Earl, and much more.
Objects of particular historical value include family Bibles, official government documents and letters.
It is based on letters, journals, diaries, family bibles, and other documents of Harris's descendants.
In this regard they were akin to treasured family Bibles in later centuries.
Home sources such as photographs, family Bibles, documents (birth, marriage, or death certificates, etc.
I am hoping through your newspaper that someone may have some information regarding two family bibles.
She has compiled the raw data of publishing history for more than 120 Family Bibles from the late eighteenth through the nineteenth century, and combines that recovered field of biblical publishing with accounts of the multiple editions and written interpretations of these popular editions of scripture.
Biblical knowledge was divided between that which was appropriate for the family and that which was to be confined to the "closet," or study by the head of the household: "These Family Bibles market access to the power of secret knowledge, to be the exclusive possession of a privileged family member, typically specified as the 'Master of the family'" (xx, 8).
Mr Faull said: "Sometimes these notes are found in unlikely places and some have even been found in old family Bibles, put there perhaps for safekeeping and forgotten.
My uncle, who is 80, remembers his father (my grandfather) having two very large family bibles.
Its expert Barnaby Faull said: "Sometimes these notes are found in old books or secret compartments of desks or family bibles, possibly used many years ago as bookmarks or hidden for safety and then forgotten.
Tips include looking for clues in heirlooms like family bibles, how to look for birth, marriage and death certificates at the Family Records Centre in London and how to find census returns and wills.
Individuals also send family Bibles to Norris, hoping to save the valuable records and memories linked to them.