family Vespidae

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Ropalida brevita was collected from three localities Ayubia, Havelian and Kakul of Abbottabad district and identified at species level representing first time reported from Abbottabad belonging from genus Ropalidii, Subfamily Polistinae, family Vespidae.
The family Vespidae comprises approximately 4,600 species divided into six current monophyletic subfamilies (Carpenter, 1981) and one extinct (Carpenter and Rasnitsyn, 1990).
He investigates how social behavior evolved in wasps of the family Vespidae, comparing them to other taxonomic groups.
Species of Coleoptera belonging to family Coccinellidae Carabidae Cicindelidae and Staphylinidae species of Hymenoptera belonging to family Vespidae (Polistes flavus Cresson Vespa eumenes and Vespa orientals Linnaeus act as predators in ecosystem.
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