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family Verbenaceae is a large shrub grown throughout the India.
Mimosa pellita Se (c) Fe Enterolobium cyclocarpum Se, S&C Ob, Sc (d) Samanea saman Fr, Se, Fl Ob, Sc Family Bignoniaceae Arrabidaea mollisima Le Ob Sp 1 Not identified Se Sc Sp 2 Not identified Se Sc Family Verbenaceae Lantana camara Fr, Fl Ob L.
Seems that it was known there that fresh, crushed leaves of American beautyberry, Callicarpa americana, in the family Verbenaceae, helped
Red Hills vervain (Verbena californica), a perennial herb in the family Verbenaceae, and
rich) Verdc belongs to the family Verbenaceae which comprises 100 genera and 2600 species that grow as herbs, shrubs or trees.
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