family Tortricidae

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Arthropods of economic importance: Family Tortricidae Leafrollers.
The scientific name of LBAM is Epiphyas postvittana (Walker) and it is in the family Tortricidae.
Most seeds were damaged by moth larvae of the family Tortricidae.
Of the damaged fruits, moth larvae of the family Tortricidae were responsible for 27 % of the damage, 7 % was caused by an unidentified moth larvae, 4 % by Curculionid larvae, and 6 % were damaged by a combination of Tortricidae and Curculionid larvae considering the abundant excreta from these two found inside fruits in combination with Zygomicete fungi (Table 1).
Part of a two volume set, this book describes the members of the moth family Tortricidae sensu lato in Britain and Ireland and the taxonomy, adult moth, larval stages, and life history of each species of Olethreutinae, including distribution maps in Britain and Ireland based on Watsonian vice-counties and illustrations of the adult and male and female genitalia.