family Theridiidae

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This study elucidates the homology of elements of the male palps in the spider family Theridiidae.
Evolutionary trends in the development of palpal sclerites in the spider family Theridiidae.
Family Theridiidae Sundevall 1833 Subfamily Argyrodinae Exline and Levi 1962
The spider family Theridiidae (cobweb or comb-footed spiders), which currently includes 2248 species in 87 genera, is one of the largest and most abundant groups of spiders (Forster et al.
Species within the genus Achaearanea, a relatively derived genus within the family Theridiidae (Agnarsson 2004; Arnedo et al.
loeffleri captured mainly cursorial spiders, several individuals of the family Theridiidae most of which are typical web builders were also eaten.
in Baltic amber holding a member of the family Theridiidae as prey.
A key and check list of American spiders of the family Theridiidae north of Mexico (Araneae).