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Citrus is a common term for the family Rutaceae, natives of tropical and subtropical Asia.
dhaniya, tejphal, tumru; family Rutaceae, order Geraniales
The genera of flea beetles (Chrysomelidae: Galerucinae: Alticini) associated with the citrus family Rutaceae are Amphimela Chapuis and Podagricomela Heikertinger (Jolivet & Hawkeswood 1995).
Chalcas koenigii for example, belongs to family Rutaceae (common name is 'curry patta') is popular as a spice and condiment.
Generally Citrus includes species of six closely linked genera Citrus Microcitrus Eremocitrus Clymenia Poncirus (trifoliate oranges) and Fortunella (also known as Kumquat); belong to the family Rutaceae (Swingle et al.
The orange is the fruit of the citrus species in the family Rutaceae.
The Asian citrus psyllid can exploit a large number of host plants, especially species of the family Rutaceae (Aubert 1987).
Citrus belongs to the family Rutaceae and ranks first with respect to total fruit production and area utilized in Pakistan.
Citrus reticulata (common names: Kinnow, Mandarin orange, mandarin or mandarine) belongs to plant family Rutaceae, usually reach a height of 25 feet on average with a greater spread.
AM) belongs to the family Rutaceae and is known as vilvam in Tamil, bael in Hindi, bilwa or sripal in Sanskrit and bael tree in English (Nadkarni, 1986).
Flindersia brayleyana of the Family Rutaceae (and related species of Flindersia pimenteliana and Flindersia laevicarpa).
Diaphorina citri has a wide range of host plants, especially members of the family Rutaceae (Sapindales) (Aubert 1987; Halbert & Man junath 2004).
Citrus is the member of family Rutaceae that comprises about 158 genera and1900 species.
Aegle is a small genus of the family Rutaceae comprises only three species found in tropical Asia and Africa [1].