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Three species-poor graminid families, Flagellariaceae, Joinvilleaceae and Ecdeiocoleaceae, represent successive sisters to the grass family Poaceae (for example, in a recent multigene plastome analysis of Poales: Givnish et al.
Identification and total percent ground cover of collected vegetation from 10 sites of known Geomys bursarius ozarkensis habitat in Izard County, Arkansas Identification Common name Percent ground cover Family Poaceae Grass Family 65.
1993, Aliscioni et al 2003) of the subfamily Panicoideae in the family Poaceae.
The family Poaceae is the grass family, and Fabaceae is the legume family.
The present volume contains the illustrations for all the family Poaceae, grasses, which, of course, includes bamboo.
The editors point out in the preface that this book specifically focuses on members of the grass family Poaceae, and secondarily on grass-legume mixtures.
San Bernardino bluegrass (Poa atropurpurea), a member of the family Poaceae, as endangered,
This paper presents a review on the function, characterization and biosynthesis of phytoalexins identified in plants of the family Poaceae.
dactylon was the most dominant species of major group and it belonged to the family Poaceae.
There are many cases where species nomenclature has been changed based on differences in anatomical features, especially in family Poaceae and Cyperaceae.
Although the capacity of wheat to accumulate Si is seldom known, other species of family Poaceae such as rice and sugar cane and cereals have been shown to accumulate Si on a dry matter basis between 4.
Leymus chinensis, a perennial species of the family Poaceae, is a dominated species in steppe grassland of Northern China, Mongolia and Siberia (Wang et al.
Rhodes grass (chloris gayana Kunth) is a perennial forage grass belongs to the family Poaceae (Gramineae).