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Three species-poor graminid families, Flagellariaceae, Joinvilleaceae and Ecdeiocoleaceae, represent successive sisters to the grass family Poaceae (for example, in a recent multigene plastome analysis of Poales: Givnish et al.
communis) is a tall perennial grass of the family Poaceae that grows in both salt and freshwater marshes, in swamps, ditches, and along shoreline around the world, and is a native species in Europe and North America [1].
San Bernardino bluegrass (Poa atropurpurea), a member of the family Poaceae, as endangered,
Infrut Sc Family Euphorbiaceae Sp 1 not identified Se (c) Sc Family Poaceae Sp 1 not identified Fr Fe (a) Se = Seed; Fr = Fruits (including seeds); Frp = Fruit pulp (seeds not consumed); Infrut = Infrutescence; Fl = Flowers; L = Leaves; S&C = Seedlings and Cotyledons.
Rhodes grass (chloris gayana Kunth) is a perennial forage grass belongs to the family Poaceae (Gramineae).
1996b); Vaurie (1948); Wildermuth & Gates (1920) Family Malvaceae Common mallow (Malva rotundifolia) Vaurie (1948); Wildermuth & Gates (1920) Family Poaceae Marsh grasses (Spartina michauxiana Vaurie (1948); Wildermuth & and S.