family Pleuronectidae

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Microspectrophotometry studies of other members of the family Pleuronectidae (Platichthys flesus [flounder] and Pseudopleuronectes americanus [winter flounder]) show that the peak absorbance of the photopigment in rod cells is [approximately equal to] 510 nm, that in single cones is [approximately equal to] 450 nm, and that in double cones is [approximately equal to] 530 or 550 nm (Evans et al.
1), is a right-eyed flounder, family Pleuronectidae, and one of four shallow-water flatfishes, along with the yellowfin sole, Pleuronectes asper; rock sole, Pleuronectes bilineatus; and flathead sole, Hippoglossoides elassodon, commonly found in the eastern Bering Sea.
The family Pleuronectidae had the greatest number of taxa (9), followed by the family Cottidae (6).
Monophyly and interrelationships of the family Pleuronectidae (Pleuronectiformes), with a revised classification.