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Pages 317-378 in Biology of bats of the New World family Phyllostomidae.
In the present work we carried out a comparative study on the intestine histomorphology of five representatives of family Phyllostomidae, so as to acquire more knowledge on the structural components which make up these tissues.
Phylogenetic relationships and classification of the higher categories of the New World bat family Phyllostomidae.
The assemblage structure with dominance of the family Phyllostomidae is in accordance with what is verified in several Neotropical sites considering the applied methodology in Amazonia (Bernard and Fenton, 2007), Caatinga (Gregorin et al.
Species of Streblidae have a cosmopolitan distribution and exhibit high species diversity in the New World; they are mainly associated with the bat family Phyllostomidae (Dittmar et al.
The family Phyllostomidae showed 810 captured individuals, 410 of these A.
Geofroy, 1905) - - Promops centralis (Thomas, 1915) 17 - Promops nasutus (Spix, 1823) 01 - Family Noctilionidae Gray, 1821 Noctilio albiventris (Desmarest, 1818) 17 90 Noctilio leporinus (Linnaeus, 1758) 03 08 Family Phyllostomidae Bonaparte, 1845 Anoura caudifer (E.
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Taxa TC SS Family Phyllostomidae Subfamily Carolliinae Carollia perspicillata (Linnaeus, 1758) F 43(13.
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2001 (Schreber, 1774) Saccopteryx bilineata * Samborn (1937) (Temminck, 1838) Rhynchonycteris naso * Peracchi and Albuquerque (1971) (Wied, 1820) Family Noctilionidae Noctilio leporinus * Peracchi and Albuquerque (1971) (Linnaeus, 1758) Family Phyllostomidae Chrotopterus auritus * Dobson (1878) (Peters, 1856) Lonchorhina aurita * Peracchi and Albuquerque (1986) Tomes, 1863 Micronycteris hirsuta Esberard (2004a) (Peters, 1869) Micronycteris megalotis * Peracchi and Albuquerque (1971) (Gray, 1842) Micronycteris minuta * Peracchi and Albuquerque (1985) (Gervais, 1856) Glyphonycteris sylvestris Dias et al.
The allocation to the family Phyllostomidae was due to the presence of three completely ossified phalanges on digit III.