family Ostreidae

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Oysters are marine invertebrates belonging to the family Ostreidae (Mollusca, Bivalvia), which have a worldwide distribution and are the most abundantly harvested shellfish in the world (Guo et al.
Ten species of oysters belonging to the family Ostreidae have been reported in Korea (Lee & Min 2002, Hong et al.
According to the classification of Harry (1985) based on anatomy and shell morphology, the family Ostreidae includes three subfamilies: Lophinae, Crassostreinae, and Ostreinae.
Various families of oysters occur along the South African coastline and are listed by Kilburn and Rippey (1982), but only members of the family Ostreidae are of commercial interest in this region, which is too temperate for culture of pearl oysters of the family Pteriidae.