family Muscidae

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two-winged flies especially the housefly

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Thus, the purpose of this study was to identify the species of necrophagous flies of the family Muscidae, involved in the decomposition process of domestic rabbit carcasses in Jeddah city, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
All collected flies were found belong to Family Muscidae Latreille (houseflies), which were dull-colored flies of small to medium size, with well developed mouth parts (fig.
House flies from family Muscidae, subfamily Muscinae, tribe Muscini, genus Musca Linnaeus .
In the recent study, the morphological characters were used to identify fly species of family Muscidae in Jeddah city, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Keys for species identification of family Muscidae were accomplished by several authors.
A catalogue of the Diptera of the Americas South of the United States: Family Muscidae.