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Like most of fish species in the family Lutjanidae, the Brazilian snapper is a multiple batch spawner with asynchronous oocyte development and indeterminate fecundity regulation (Bannerot et al.
The Brazilian snapper exhibited asynchronous oocyte development in ovaries and indeterminate fecundity, releasing eggs in multiple occasions during the breeding season, like many other species of the family Lutjanidae.
Very few adult-sized fish (<10% of total) from the family Lutjanidae were found in the mangroves, and these adults were relatively small (<25% larger than 25cm with 1% larger than 35cm).
This was not significantly different from the ratio expected for the family Lutjanidae, which is 1:1 (Garcia-Cagide et al.
The queen snapper (Etelis oculatus) is among the deepest dwelling species of the family Lutjanidae, and the only Atlantic species of Etelis.
Red snapper, Lutjanus campechanus, are large, predatory reef fish belonging to the family Lutjanidae.