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Nectandra mollis, Nectandra villosa and Nectandra panamensis of the Family Lauraceae.
Cinnamomum cecidodaphne; family Lauraceae, order Laurales
ketmarra, patoia, kakuri; family Lauraceae, order Laurales
patichanda, patihanda; family Lauraceae, order Laurales
and to a lesser degree, other members of the family Lauraceae, including sassafras [Sassafras albidum (Nutt.
Sassafras albidum and Sassafras officinale of the family Lauraceae
Redbay and swampbay are the 2 ecologically important trees in the family Lauraceae that have been severely affected by laurel wilt, with over 90% mortality reported in some infested areas (Fraedrich et al.
The majority of specimens were collected from trees in the family Lauraceae (Table 1).
The host list indicates that Xyleborus glabratus is not a strict specialist to trees from the family Lauraceae, but it strongly prefers them.
The true laurel is from the species Laurus nobilis of the Family Lauraceae, which grows near the Mediterranean Sea.
glabratus has failed to produce brood in wood from trees outside the family Lauraceae (Mayfield & Hanula 2012; Mayfield et al.
Fraedrich & Aghayeva (Ophiostomatales: Ophiostomataceae), a fungus that causes laurel wilt in plants of the family Lauraceae (Crane et al.