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Rosemarinus officinalis, belonging to family Labiatae, commonly called as rosemary, is widely found along the north and south coasts of the Mediterranean Sea and also in the sub-Himalayan areas (Kotb, 1985).
More recently, a survey was performed on four aromatic species belonging to the family Labiatae and shows the following gastropod richness: 19 for thyme, 18 for rosemary, 16 for lavender, and finally 7 for horehound [5].
Carvacrol, the predominant monoterpenic phenol which occurs in many essential oils of the family Labiatae including Origanum, Satureja, Thymbra, Thymus and Corydothymus species used through the ages as a source of flavour in food (Krimer et al.
The plant family Labiatae contains several species with potential therapeutic activity due to their essential oils [5].
Salvia is an important genus consisting of about 900 species in the family Labiatae, many species which been used worldwide in folk-medicine from ancient times.