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The second surprise provided by Lluc is that it enabled to solve two key questions regarding the origin of our family: what group it is derived from, and which is the geographic area where the family Hominidae originated.
The detailed morphological study of the cranial remains of Lluc showed that, together with the modern anatomical features that characterized the family Hominidae, and which permit to consider it a member of this family, it displays a set of primitive features, such as thick dental enamel, teeth with globulous cusps, very robust mandible and very procumbent premaxilla, which are primitive features that characterize a group of primitive hominoids from the African Middle Miocene, known as afropithecids.
In a clade-based system that seeks to depict the pattern of relationships accurately all belong within an extended family Hominidae, with the genera Homo, Australopithecus, Paranthropus and Ardipithecus separated at the tribal level as Hominini from the living African great apes of the tribe Gorillini.
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