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Indigofera, commonly known as indigo, is a member of the legume family Fabaceae (Leguminosae), subfamily Papilionoideac, tribe Indigoferinae (Schrire, 1995).
Ohwi (kudzu), a climbing woody vine of the family Fabaceae, is native to eastern Asia.
Isoflavonoids are occasionally found in widely different land plants, including bryophytes and gymnosperms, but are mainly found within the legume family Fabaceae (Dewick, 1994: table 5.
Trifolium pratense L, red clover, family Fabaceae, subfamily Papilionaceae
Acacia melanoxylon of the Family Fabaceae (Leguminosae)
Motschulsky (1860) Family Campanulaceae Tall bellflower (Campanula Vaurie (1948); Wildermuth & americana) Gates (1920) Family Fabaceae Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) Ellsbury & Baker (1988); Folsom (1909); Lintner (1881); Vaurie (1948); Wildermuth & Gates (1920) White sweet clover (Melilotus alba) Vaurie (1948) Yellow sweet clover (Melilotus Vaurie (1948) officinalis) Bur clover (Melilotus hispida) Vaurie (1948) Crimson clover (Trifolium Baker & Ellsbury (1989); incarnatum) Ellsbury & Baker (1988); Ellsbury (1990); Pemberton et al.
Senna alata belongs to the family Fabaceae and is a shrub of 3-4 m at all.
Bowdichia nitida, Bowdichia virgilioides, Diplotropis purpurea and Diplotropis racemosa of the Family Fabaceae (Leguminosae).