family Engraulidae

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When the larvae were evaluated, the family Engraulidae was the dominant family (88%) just like in the eggs, and was followed by Clupeidae (4%), Gobiidae (2%), Sparidae (2%) family and other families which were found less than 1% (Myctophidae, Syngnathidae, Merlucciidae, Cepolidae, Carangidae, Callionymidae, Blenniidae, Mugilidae, Bothidae and Soleidae) (Fig.
The family Engraulidae was found to be the dominant (89%) family in terms of both eggs and larvae in the bay and was followed by the family Clupeidae (7%).
He stated that the family Engraulidae was dominant in the bay, followed by the family Clupeidae.
We identified the families Gobiidae, Callionymidae, Blenniidae and especially the family Engraulidae in the Inner Bay.