family Clupeidae

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Scales, otoliths, vertebrae, opercula, and subopercula were used to age pontic shad (Alosa pontica) in two recent studies that included the family Clupeidae [Yilmaz and Polat, 2002; Visnjic-Jeftic et ah, 2009]), yet no such comprehensive study has been completed for the American shad.
Microsatellite DNA markers for American shad (Alosa sapidissima) and cross-species amplification within the family Clupeidae.
tergisus LeSueur, mooneye W, S Order Anguilliformes (eels) Family Anguillidae (eel) Anguilla rostrata (LeSueur), W, S American eel Order Clupeiformes (herring, shad) Family Clupeidae (herring) Alosa chrysochloris W, S (Rafinesque), skipjack herring A.
90 in 42 fish species including the fishes belonging to family Clupeidae, from Turkish waters (Gaygusuz et al.
The family Engraulidae was found to be the dominant (89%) family in terms of both eggs and larvae in the bay and was followed by the family Clupeidae (7%).
97 8 Class Osteichthyes Family Clupeidae Opisthonema oglinum 1 1.