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The family Carabidae is one of the larger groups of beetles with estimated 40,000 species throughout the world (Ball and Erwin, 1969); out of these, 32,500 species have been described (Lorenz, 2005).
The taxonomy of the family Carabidae is based exclusively on adults (Thompson, 1977), however carabid larvae possess good structural features and could be used to test phylogenetic hypotheses based study of adults (Goulet, 1977).
Keeping in view a great importance of carabid beetles as bioindicators, this study was designed to explore the fauna, distribution and diversity of the family Carabidae in district Poonch of Azad Kashmir during 2009-2010.
The relative abundance of the sub-families and species of the family Carabidae was calculated by using the formula;
A total of 288 specimens of family Carabidae were collected.
The values of Shannon-Wiener's diversity index of the family Carabidae collected from localities of district Poonch ranged between 0.
The Beetle Family Carabidae of Costa Rica: The genera of the Cryptobatida group of subtribe Agrina, tribe Lebiini, with new species and notes on their way of life (Insecta: Coleoptera).
A total of 15,070 trap nights collectively produced 994 adult specimens (Table 1) of the family Carabidae (11 genera, 14 species), and superfamilies Scarabaeoidea (8 genera and 13 species of Scarabaeidae; one species of Hybosoridae; 2 genera and four species of Trogidae) and Tenebrionoidea (14 genera and 20 species of Tenebrionidae; one species of Zopheridae).
Six species of predaceous beetles in the family Carabidae are reported to feed on slugs and four of these have been found in Manitoba.
The big brown bat, considered a beetle feeder, are significantly more insects from the Family Carabidae than did other species ([alpha] = 0.