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a large Bible with pages to record marriages and births

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Maureen Bell (left) is reunited with her family bible |by Amanda Senior who had searched for it's owner since aquiring it 17 years ago.
Top priorities were family photos 25%, wallet and credit cards 19%, old letters 13%, passport 13%, family Bible 10%.
Akulina had an ancient family bible to teach them to read and write, using sharpened birch sticks dipped in honeysuckle juice as pen and ink.
Obama was joined by his family in the private White House Blue Room ceremony, as he placed his hand on his wife's family Bible and officially began his second term as President of the United States.
Politicians today often make a big deal out of their swearing-in ceremonies and may bring a family Bible along for the occasion.
I was doing some family research, looking at photographs and things, and I wanted to look at the family bible.
Pictures: Emma Trimble Big hopes: Amy and Tina McFadyen, from Sutton Coldfield, with a 1780 miniature family bible.
The first volume in the Messianic Jewish Family Bible project is the "Tree of Life: Book of John.
Derek has a copy of the family tree and also the treasured family Bible, which contains all the relevant information gleaned from births, marriages and deaths.
We are still interested in the contents of the family Bible and should you have the opportunity of going to Cardiff to see the Bible, we would appreciate your telling us of the contents.
The old tradition of one family bible is passe," Edward S.
The largest work undertaken in the office was John Humphreys's translation, published 1813, of Samuel Clark's Family Bible.
known that look, it's even tucked away in the family Bible, in
But it's there that Connie unexpectedly finds ancient key hidden within a seventeenth-century family bible.
The 1,280-page Bible was purchased by William Thomas Carroll, clerk of the Supreme Court, for Lincoln's March 4, 1861, inauguration, because the Lincoln family Bible was still en route from Springfield, packed away with the first family's belongings, the transition team's statement said.