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The term "locust" refers to any one of several species in the grasshopper family Acrididae that, when their population reaches a certain tipping point within a certain area, will suddenly abandon a solitary lifestyle and become what scientists refer to as "gregarious," which is a polite term for "ravenous swarm of rapidly breeding insects that gobbles up crops for miles around.
Within the orthopterans, the family Acrididae had a frequency of occurrence of 85.
Caelifera host species N Family Pamphagidae Subfamily Pamphaginae 1 Asiotmethis muricatus (Pallas, 1771) 3 Family Acrididae Subfamily Conophyminae 2 Conophyma sokolovi decorum Mistshenko, 1951 10 20 30 10 15 3 Conophyma almasyi (Kuthy, 1905) 3 Subfamily Melanoplinae 4 (*) Podisma pedestris (Linnaeus, 1758) 10 350 30 Subfamily Calliptaminae 5 (*) Calliptamus barbarus cephalotes Fischer von 3 Waldheim, 1846 6 6 (*) Calliptamus italicus (Linnaeus, 1758) 15 12 3 ?
The most abundant species belonged to the family Acrididae with 83.
The systematic position of this taxon within the family Acrididae also appears to be disputed.
Apart from the aforementioned writings of Vickery, Rehn and Carbonell, very little has been written about the biogeographic origins of these subfamilies, individually or as a group--or indeed, of the family Acrididae in general.