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serving to make familiar

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The exhibition's organizing agencies seek to promote awareness among the SMEs on the necessity of familiarizing with the value and importance of risks management.
They can begin by familiarizing themselves with applicable legislation.
The goals of these projects include familiarizing students with applications of computer networking in the "real world.
The fair aims at familiarizing the students with all disciplines available at SQU, besides the skills and future careers associated with each discipline.
Current plans call for the implementation "in the Fall of 1993" of our new "TradeLink - NJ" program aimed at familiarizing small to medium size companies with export related opportunities in helping them in the process of realizing those opportunities.
com designer uniforms and equipped with branded Cybertrays bearing wireless laptops featuring the homepage -- will work the crowds of wine-and-food enthusiasts, registering them on the site and familiarizing them with the site's features, via a host of innovative branding materials.
The two sides discussed means of enhancing cooperation and exchanging visits and expertise, in addition to familiarizing with the Omani and Turkish experience in scientific endowment.
professionals use our preparation products to find and fill the gaps in their skills while familiarizing themselves with the computer-based testing environment.
The course aimed at familiarizing participants with the key concepts and terms in project management and evaluation, familiarizing them with modern techniques and skills and enabling participants to project planning and evaluation and calculation of their budgets effectively to ensure functioning efficiency and quality.
Michael has spent this year familiarizing himself with our operations and strengthening our organizations in the UK and Bermuda.
Badr bin Hilal al-Alawi, Dean of Students' Affairs at SQU said that the annual introductory programme aims at familiarizing the new students with the academic and administrative staff at various colleges, such as deans of the colleges and their assistants and heads of department.