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Synonyms for familiarize



Synonyms for familiarize

make familiar or conversant with

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And not only need we breathe and exercise the soul by assuming the penalties of abstinence, of debt, of solitude, of unpopularity,--but it behooves the wise man to look with a bold eye into those rarer dangers which sometimes invade men, and to familiarize himself with disgusting forms of disease, with sounds of execration, and the vision of violent death.
This book familiarizes the reader with all aspects of the techniques used in the examination of polymers, including chemical, physico-chemical and purely physical methods of examination.
An introductory that section familiarizes the reader with Amish culture and color photographs of Amish people fulfilling their livelihood round out this quite delightful glimpse of farm country life.
Each section familiarizes students with test questions, strategies and test taking tips to help increase their score and alleviate any fears and anxiety.
The school's master's of music in music technology degree, now in its second year online, familiarizes students with the broad range of latest technologies in music.
This additional broadcast of Bar TV(TM) reaches new consumers and familiarizes them with the BarTV(TM) locations, as well as providing us with an additional platform for advertisers and BarTV(TM)," said Gordon Scott Venters, President of Magic Media Networks.