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Synonyms for familiarized

having achieved a comfortable relation with your environment

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On the contrary, he would have despised any ostentation of expense; his profession had familiarized him with all grades of poverty, and he cared much for those who suffered hardships.
This was the famous picaresque novel, 'Lazarillo de Tormes,' by Hurtado de Mendoza, whose name then so familiarized itself to my fondness that now as I write it I feel as if it were that of an old personal friend whom I had known in the flesh.
His mother had familiarized him from the beginning with the songs and ballads of which the country was full, and though he is said at first to have had so little ear for music that he could scarcely distinguish one tune from another, he soon began to compose songs (words) of his own as he followed the plough.
It is clearly essential to the interest of this theory that the thought or rule alluded to by Buhler should not need to be expressed in words, for if it is expressed in words it is immediately capable of being dealt with on the lines with which the behaviourists have familiarized us.
I ought to have familiarized the old De Lacey to me, and by degrees to have discovered myself to the rest of his family, when they should have been prepared for my approach.
Only two days of usage so familiarized the little dressmaker with this scene, that it held the place occupied two days ago by the recollections of years.
He familiarized himself with the Omani and Islamic unique architectural designsof the mosque.
Telecommunication Minister underscored the opportunity of getting familiarized with the latest communication industries exhibited in such events.
Stantial concedes that there is an initial learning curve for some of the unique terminology and requirements of XBRL, but says, "for the most part, the tagging is a fairly expeditious process after you become familiarized with the mechanics.
I believe everybody must get more familiarized with sources that buttress Humanists' constructive arguments.
The purpose of Williams' trip was to get high school seniors and college freshmen familiarized with the medical field.
Yamaguchi says he had familiarized himself with some "control group" ring patterns in trees he knew had not been in the way of any eruptions.
Participants will also be familiarized with various suppliers of antiterrorist measures, equipment and training programs.
He familiarized himself with the Architectural style of the Mosque, which is derived from the Omani and Islamic architectural design.
I wouldn't call it easy hunting, so the final tip is that the hunter go out to the local shooting range and get familiarized or refamiliarized with the shotgun and then practice shooting a couple of rounds of skeet.