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Synonyms for familiarization

the experience of becoming familiar with something

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Caribbean Airlines recognizes the key role it plays in maintaining links between the Guyanese Diaspora, the business community, tourist and other stakeholders traveling to/from Guyana, which makes the support of this media familiarization tour more important.
A randomized cross-over study design was used in order to establish how a familiarization session affects 30-s allout test performed on an elliptical trainer compared to a cycle ergometer by using repeated-measures, and 30-s tests were carried out with one day intervals between elliptical trainer and cycle ergometer trials.
For these advisors, foreign weapons training should not be a priority task; however, if they have the time in their training schedule and the resources available, these advisor teams should attempt to at least go through a familiarization class.
The period of time between the marksmanship, safety, and weapons familiarization training and live-fire qualification should not exceed 30 days.
In March, a group of African American meeting planners from across the country took a familiarization tour of Louisiana, organized by the Louisiana Office of Tourism and area convention and visitor's bureaus.
In this procedure, infants are shown visual stimuli during a familiarization phase.
These valuable dogs, currently in training in Texas, are going to make a real difference once their paws hit the ground in the coming weeks and they complete their familiarization with Sri Lanka and their human handlers there this spring.
In a randomized, double-blind study comparing the Access[R] bar, Uncle Toby's Peanut Butter Meusli Bar and Crystal Light (non-caloric, non-nutritive control), 12 runners completed five endurance running sessions: a VO2max test, a 30-minute familiarization session, and three experimental sessions
These scenarios are primers only, but afford the reader with an opportunity for familiarization by hands-on interaction.
The lengthy transfer process would be eliminated, as would the time required for such detailed familiarization by the AO.
A four-member Japanese parliamentary delegation arrived in Islamabad late Monday on a familiarization visit about population planning and development in Pakistan, Japanese Embassy officials said Tuesday.
On April 28, Chirac will attend the opening ceremonies of the 1998-1999 French promotion and familiarization campaign, and unveil a Statue of Liberty, which is being shipped from France for a yearlong display in Japan.
It takes a modicum of planning, talking with people, and familiarization - just like any other investment a prudent person makes.
ISLAMABAD -- Under the auspices of Pakistan Air Force, a group of teachers and students from Baluchistan province arrived at PAF Base Nur Khan (Rawalpindi) on a familiarization visit to different PAF educational institutions today.
WASHINGTON, May 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- To celebrate National Travel and Tourism Week, Brand USA, the new tourism marketing entity responsible for promoting the United States to world visitors, has organized its first-ever, multi-itinerary familiarization trip for nearly 100 influential international travel agents, May 9-16.