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Synonyms for familiarity

Synonyms for familiarity

Synonyms for familiarity

personal knowledge or information about someone or something

usualness by virtue of being familiar or well known

close or warm friendship

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a casual manner


an act of undue intimacy

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We just relied on my familiarity with Cignal,' said Pascua, who was replaced by Edgar Barroga as Cignal tactician.
Combining understanding of the public's term familiarity, actual perceptions of genetic engineering when research participants understand the technology and terms, and experience in agriculture can guide researchers and practitioners in designing information and outreach programming aimed at building understanding and acceptance of GE technology in food.
Familiarity with commodities can be precious when trading currencies.
There was quite a lot of contempt between the Madrid rivals even before the additional familiarity that comes with facing each other in the Champions League for the fourth season running.
Experience on Semi- Structured Interview and Focus Group Discussions; Familiarity With the Global Fund Business Model;
Rabeh's familiarity with coach Yeng's system is also a factor.
The Harris Poll study also reports that women are more likely to feel disconnected from Auto and Home insurance brands than men, with female respondents indicating a lower familiarity with brands (62% for Auto and 60% for Homeowners' insurance), compared to men (53% for Auto, 52% for Homeowners' insurance).
In past studies, it has been shown that brand familiarity and brand relevance create a positive effect on traditional advertising (Campbell & Keller, 2003).
KEY WORDS: Sexually transmitted infections, partner familiarity, STI transmission risk, partner appeal, trust
In section 2, the literature on entrepreneurship ecosystem, the process of small business growth and the resource dependency perspective are reviewed and then we hypothesized a relationship between the entrepreneur willingness to grow and familiarity with the key economic development organizations of the entrepreneurship ecosystem.
It is generally agreed that aging affects recall more than recognition (Danckert & Craik, 2013; Ruiz Gallego-Largo, Suengas, Simon & Pastor, 2015) and the reason could be that familiarity may mask recollection deficits in older people (Danckert & Craik, 2013).
Candidates in the upper-right section of the graph have above-average familiarity and above-average net favorable ratings, which is optimal from a candidate campaign perspective.
In the case of the influence of brand awareness, we concluded that familiarity with the NGO contributes positively to the intention to donate.
Familiarity is also a cognitive variable that facilitates performance [29], improves feeling and attitudes [30] and facilitates trust [31].
Among those who have at least some familiarity with the project 42 percent support it and 34 percent oppose it Some 16 percent said they were familiar with the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline to bring natural gas into the state.