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Synonyms for familiarisation

the experience of becoming familiar with something

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After the swimming, the athletes tested the track as part of a cycling familiarisation session.
The six-day familiarisation visit aimed at introducing media
The Russian market is an important tourism market for the UAE so by hosting familiarisation trips, we support the government in its efforts to promote the country to this market.
Research has shown that familiarisation trips arranged by Visit Wales for operators to experience Wales tourism products are the most influential intervention in increasing an operator's interest or ability to feature or sell Wales programmes.
The first four Polish paramedics are taking a six-week familiarisation course at Nursling Ambulance Station in Southampton.
Despite stiff opposition from Indian carriers to AirAsia's entry into the country, the DGCA had last month allowed the yet- to- start carrier to bring in its ferry flight ( without passengers) to India for completing the mandatory route familiarisation process for getting the flying permit.
The familiarisation trips are designed to provide GIBTM's hosted buyers with an insight into business and meetings facilities offered in Bahrain and fellow programme launch partner destinations, Qatar and Jordan.
By backing GIBTM's new post-show familiarisation trip initiative, the awareness of Bahrain's key MICE-related attributes will be heightened amongst a community of key industry decision makers from Europe, Asia and The Americas who are looking to stage meetings and events in the Gulf.
This number coincides with the second familiarisation tour launched this year by the Department of Tourism -- Middle East Office, in cooperation with Emirates airlines.
2009) Familiarisation and reliability of sprint test indices during laboratory and field assessment.
The familiarisation trip was organised by the Welsh Government's Visit Wales team in partnership with Helvetic Airways to promote the route between Zurich and Cardiff to attract more tourists.
specifically targeted toward the 'familiar' colony, and persisted for at least 6 days" after the familiarisation trials.
A Ministry of Defence (MOD) spokesman said: "MOD can confirm Flight Lieutenant Wales, as part of a four-man Search and Rescue (SAR) crew, has arrived in the Falkland Islands on a routine operational deployment and will shortly take up SAR duties post a period of briefings and a familiarisation flight.
Summary: World ship owners and cruise companies invited by the Ministry of Trade and Tourism to a familiarisation trip to Tunisia were unanimous in confirming that security and safety had been restored in the country.
It will include a full safety briefing, familiarisation of the equipment and gentle progression from standing to eventually swimming underwater.