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Synonyms for fame

Synonyms for fame

Synonyms for fame

the state or quality of being widely honored and acclaimed

favorable public reputation

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When I dramatise a book, sir,' said the literary gentleman, 'THAT'S fame.
So Richard Turpin, Tom King, and Jerry Abershaw have handed down to fame the names of those on whom they committed their most impudent robberies?
That would be an equally fair plea in both cases,' replied Nicholas; 'but if you put it upon that ground, I have nothing more to say, than, that if I were a writer of books, and you a thirsty dramatist, I would rather pay your tavern score for six months, large as it might be, than have a niche in the Temple of Fame with you for the humblest corner of my pedestal, through six hundred generations.
said the proud Templar, springing up, ``thou shalt not thus impose on me if I renounce present fame and future ambition, I renounce it for thy sake, and we will escape in company.
With what joy will the haughty Richard hear the news, that the knight that set him hard in Palestine, and well-nigh darkened his renown, has lost fame and honour for a Jewish girl, whom he could not even save by so costly a sacrifice
He left the apartment hastily as he uttered these words, and the Preceptor followed, to watch and confirm him in his resolution; for in Bois-Guilbert's fame he had himself a strong interest, expecting much advantage from his being one day at the head of the Order, not to mention the preferment of which Mont-Fitchet had given him hopes, on condition he would forward the condemnation of the unfortunate Rebecca.
Effect of Crystallization Time on the Concentration of Unsaturated FAME
1 the purity of unsaturated FAME and the recovery of non-urea complexed FAME increased slightly (around 1%) as crystallization time prolonged from 2h to 3h then remained unchanged after crystallization time reached 6h.
Effect of Urea-to-FAME Ratio on the Concentration of Unsaturated FAME