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in an unsteady manner

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After extensive training, the man managed to step falteringly along a 12ft course while a harness and walking frame prevented him from falling.
After extensive training, the unidentified man managed to step falteringly along a 3.
The state of the world economy, still recovering falteringly from the global financial crisis, is the key driver of market prices and their swings over time.
A deep, unfamiliar voice falteringly inquired if this was the parsonage and asked to speak with the preacher.
The "Black is Beautiful" slogan was all the rage, and Black Power, however falteringly, seemed more than mere dreaming.
With a brow now knotted in the unfamiliar act of concentration, the lips falteringly begin to form words.
Machine and human further merge even as they further imprison when Tati falteringly follows his greeter, M.
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While critical geographers and anthropologists have written persuasively of the need for a 'liberation ecology' through which to articulate 'different possibilities for relationships with each other and the non-human world,' the case of Ecuador demonstrates that even such alternative forms of value enshrined at the highest levels of law are only falteringly, partially, and often misleadingly implemented in ways more consonant with the ecosystem services approach (Fletcher 2012: 179).
As Manmohan Singh falteringly tries to regain the halo of the economic miracle maker with his infrastructure push, we present the eight men who will help him fight the most difficult battle of his life
Residential markets in the Baltic States seem to be recovering, albeit falteringly and with a new realisation that house prices really can go down as well as up, which should bring a new realism.
But increasingly, if sometimes falteringly, governments, knowing that genies can never be squeezed back into the bottles from which they sprang, are bringing the Web's most lucrative businesses within their own legal frameworks.
Falteringly, Ros said the memories that they had as a family would always remain in their hearts: "I have questions going round in my head.
Dear Suzie," she began falteringly, "we're all together now, aren't we?