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in an unsteady manner

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In the 40 or 50 years that we've been colonising Spain, the country has emerged from under the fascist rule of Franco, falteringly embraced democracy and the return of the monarchy and taken its place at the heart of the European experiment.
We began slightly falteringly as clubs jostle for position, picked up the pace as confidence grew, but are now staggering to the finish line like those poor souls in marathons whose legs turn to Plasticine in the finishing straight.
The rich Hindu articulations of such images offer, Goshen-Gottstein suggests, points of deep spiritual resonance with the Hassidic emphasis on the cultivation of the imagination for meditatively envisioning, however falteringly, the incorporeal God.
With a brow now knotted in the unfamiliar act of concentration,the lips falteringly begin to form words "D'yee want any taties, like?
Though it is not an everyday occurrence, some of my Chinese neighbors speak to me in English, some a bit falteringly and some quite fluently.
He was fifty-three when he died; of himself when eight-years-old, he had written: Dafydd Morris next door, with whom I go to prayer meetings in Tabernacle, kneels and his mind gropes for his favourite Godly idioms, slowly, falteringly, seeking delay from the occasional lengthy neighing cough.
What could than my dreams romantic This is where a young chap might once falteringly have invited his prospective father-in-law to ask for a daughter's hand in marriage.
After extensive training, the man managed to step falteringly along a 12ft course while a harness and walking frame prevented him from falling.
The state of the world economy, still recovering falteringly from the global financial crisis, is the key driver of market prices and their swings over time.
A deep, unfamiliar voice falteringly inquired if this was the parsonage and asked to speak with the preacher.
He is only mentioned in the last lines, in a prayer uttered by a man who falteringly climbs this last of all stairs:
The "Black is Beautiful" slogan was all the rage, and Black Power, however falteringly, seemed more than mere dreaming.
At last Paul has come around and falteringly apologizes to the counsellor.
Machine and human further merge even as they further imprison when Tati falteringly follows his greeter, M.