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someone who falsifies

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35) As an example of how seriously Dante took the vice of impersonation, consider that he puts Ovid's character Myrrha from the Metamorphoses, who went to her father's bed at night in the disguise of a maid, in this tenth ditch of the Malebologe, where the falsifiers are punished, rather than in a higher level where sexual sins are punished.
Les mis en cause, a-t-on encore souligne, procedaient a une technique de vol sans violence, en louant des vehicules pendant une duree d'une annee pour pouvoir en falsifier les documents et les revendre dans differents souks du pays.
Puis, s'exprimant au sujet de la presidentielle de mars devant ses partisans du Front populaire --un rassemblement de partis, de syndicats et d'associations pro-pouvoir-- il a assure ne pas avoir besoin de falsifier ce scrutin pour le remporter.
The defendants have accused him of being a "liar and a falsifier of history".
The truth is, however, that he is not a historian but a falsifier of history.
The truth is, however, that he is not an historian at all, but a falsifier of history.
Riyadh, Rabi'II 16, 1436, February 05, 2015, SPA -- The Ministry of Interior warned against what is promoted of documents falsified for defrauding and deceiving citizens or residents in the Kingdom through the illusion that the falsifiers obtained a general authorization exempted from the statutory procedures adopted for the cases referred to by the falsified documents.
Otherwise the falsifiers would have had [cause for] doubt"(Al-Ankaboot, V48).
HRH Premier: Tough measures against strife mongers, falsifiers of information.
If in 1997 Branko Crvenkovski committed the first political assassination in Gostivar, the second assassination was made last year by Ali Ahmeti and the army of falsifiers," said Osmani.
His catch of falsifiers and mythmakers and their untruths is portioned into eight bins: 1) "Christianity Is Dying Out"; 2) "Christianity Is Destructive"; 3) "Christianity Is Stupid"; 4) "Jesus and the Bible Have Been Shown to Be False"; 5) "Christian Beliefs Have Been Shown to Be Wrong"; 6) "Miracles Are Impossible"; 7) "Worldviews Can't Be Evaluated"; 8) "What's New Is True.
Images of amalgamation and adulteration abound--signally with the falsifiers and counterfeiters.
It thus stripped them of the cover of resistance and exposed their reality as promoters of lies and falsifiers of events, with no other concern or purpose but to win in a political-media battle to reach power.
Regarding the immigrant Romanians in Spain, Gonzalez Aldea has brought into notice the fact that "in Spain the image that predominates over Romania is one of the most disappointing ones: criminals specialized in thefts, papers' falsifiers, beggars and prostitution" (15).
In 1906, they also convened courts where they sat in judgment to try and punish sinners and falsifiers.