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  • verb

Synonyms for falsify

Synonyms for falsify

to make untrue declarations

to impart a false character to (something) by alteration

to give an inaccurate view of by representing falsely or misleadingly

to make a fraudulent copy of

Synonyms for falsify

make false by mutilation or addition

tamper, with the purpose of deception

prove false

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falsify knowingly

insert words into texts, often falsifying it thereby

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When falsified DI are saved in a graphic format with losses (JPEG), falsifications can be detected by method of identification of double quantization effect in DI [5].
Especially relevant are the falsification of small details of the image: codes, numbers and other information in the image, obscuring the details on the faces (moles, wrinkles, scratches), etc.
Speaking to a press conference, however, Hatoyama reiterated that he did not know anything about the falsifications.
Sadakazu Tanigaki, leader of the main opposition Liberal Democratic Party, urged Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama on Thursday to step down to take the blame for the indictment earlier in the day of two of his former secretaries over alleged falsification of political funds records.
Intuitively, since small falsifications are costless to agents at all income levels, full display of income is incentive compatible only when there is no redistribution (taxation) of the displayed income, which means that no insurance of the individual income risk is possible.
If the friction is the possibility of hidden income falsification, then increasing marginal income tax rates may be optimal.
26 billion yen in damages for the investment loss it incurred due to the falsification of Seibu's financial statements.
The falsification was designed to enable the railway operator to clear a Tokyo Stock Exchange rule that any firm be delisted if a combined stake held in a firm by its top 10 shareholders exceeds 80 percent for more than one year.
465) Popper asks that researchers "state in advance" what event would falsify their theory if it were to occur, as a way to avoid ad hoc immunizing moves to avoid falsifications.
As I argued in my two articles (Gomory, 2001a, 2001b), we are mistaken in offering empirical reassurance through the presentation of "some evidence" that a desired effect has been achieved reliably rather than proceeding to conjecture hypotheses or interventions and testing for falsifications, because fallible human science is only able to tell us which of our guesses have not as yet been falsified.
By reducing the number of computer entries investigators need to compare to hard-copy evidence (for example, canceled checks, vouchers, or invoices), downloading permits easy detection of any discrepancy and/or falsification the embezzler used to conceal the crime.
The order was issued after Tokyo Electric Power unveiled the data falsification and other irregularities for government inspections conducted between 1977 and 2002.
The chief inspector of nuclear installations, Laurence Williams, said the falsifications would not have occurred if there had been a "proper safety culture" at BNFL's Sellafield plant in northwest England, where he said data relating to 31 batches of nuclear fuel all produced for Japan had been falsified.
The report said it was not possible to establish a motive for the falsifications but the tedium of manually checking fuel pellets and the ease with which the computer data logging system could be manipulated were seen to be contributory factors.
1) As wags and critics immediately noted, falsification in the service of Russia's interests does not fall under the commission's purview.