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Synonyms for falsification

Synonyms for falsification

any evidence that helps to establish the falsity of something

the act of rendering something false as by fraudulent changes (of documents or measures etc

the act of determining that something is false

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Binay argued that the informations against him did not constitute the offenses of graft and falsification, but the anti-graft court was not buying it.
But if convicted, they face penalties of six to 10 years imprisonment for each count of graft and six to eight years for each count of falsification.
Dans une declaration, vendredi, a l'agence TAP, le porte-parole du Pole judiciaire economique et financier, Sofiene Sliti, a indique que Chafik Jarraya a comparu en etat d'arrestation et a ete notifie de la decision de fin de l'enquete dans l'affaire de falsification de contrats.
We will understand the integrity violation of DI happening by cloning as falsification of the digital image.
Fourteen nurses from the Princess of Wales Hospital have been suspended during the inquiry into mistreatment of patients and falsification of medical records.
Khartoum 23 Juin (SUNA)- le Ministre de la Justice, Mohamed Bouchara Dossa a signe Lundi un accord avec le president de l'Union Arabe de lutter contre la contrefacon et la falsification affiliee a la Ligue Arabe, Mme.
Police said the alleged falsification of entries in the notes by the 31-year-old nurse had resulted "in neglect".
One of the units will be attached to the Defense Ministry's central archive, studying "aspects of the falsification of history that is becoming widespread in Russia and abroad," Pankov said.
Le ministere precise dans un communique que la correspondance en question, portant le numero 718-12, est une falsification d'une autre correspondance ministerielle en date du 06 juin 2013 fixant les conditions et les modalites d'utilisation des espaces et des etablissements d'education et de formation publique pour les colonies de vacances.
Why is it that Allah protected the Quran but did not protect other divine books from corruption and falsification, as the Christians and the Jews falsified their books?
Les allegations sur le debut de falsification des elections partielles
La Conference internationale sur la lutte contre la falsification, la contrefacon et le blanchiment d'argent se tiendra a Charm El Cheikh, les 25 et 26 avril prochain en coordination avec l'Organisation des Nations Unies pour les recherches criminelles et la lutte contre la falsification.
This is the basis of a falsification test (the Rothstein falsification test) that appears to indicate bias in VAM estimates of current teacher contributions to student learning.
Media reports about suspicions of the financial report falsification in January 2006 led Livedoor share prices to plunge.
Did Premier Nikola Gruevski get scared of the possibility of an increasing number of Albanians in Macedonia and prevented this or was the census stopped in order to prevent a possible falsification as in 2002 as VMRO-DPMNE claims?