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capable of being tested (verified or falsified) by experiment or observation

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Popper also argues that the solution to the problem of induction additionally provides a solution to the seemingly independent problem of demarcation (that is to say, the problem of defining science): a discipline is scientific when its statements are falsifiable (when they can be empirically refuted).
NEW YORK: It is the mark of science and perhaps rational thought more generally to operate with a falsifiable understanding of how the world operates.
Yet such individual or dominant faith may be founded on false beliefs based on a misguided identification of causation, beliefs that are not falsifiable, and/or beliefs that are not physically (and logically) possible.
The model is used to generate a hypothesis that entails observationally falsifiable non-temporal predictions with specified boundary conditions.
This is a falsifiable claim about the laws of physics," Aaronson said at the AAAS meeting.
The grim epistemological truth," de Jasay writes, "is that statements about man's essential nature and his natural rights are neither falsifiable nor verifiable.
That is, was his belief that he should obey the daimonion falsifiable, or would he have continued to obey ifhe were convinced that the daimonion was forbidding him from doing something that he should do?
Anything that is not verifiable or falsifiable, according to this understanding, does not belong to the realm of reason strictly understood.
Popper (2002), the famous philosopher of science, insisted that scientific theories must be falsifiable.
However, the implied determinacy and inevitability are too obviously falsifiable.
However, unlike the latter, the movement of art contains morphological regularities and laws of derivation that we can use to formulate falsifiable hypotheses.
Scribner interprets this: "it is with reference to experience that transcendental claims are falsifiable.
It is our contention that, to date, the emphasis in logistics research has tended more toward routine and engineering tasks that are measurable, and in many cases falsifiable, using the scientific method.
Simply, if the paper has explicitly stated, falsifiable propositions, we kept it in our sample; otherwise, we did not include it in the sample.
theory to be "true" it must be also be falsifiable (i.