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Synonyms for falsetto

high voice


  • high voice
  • high-pitched voice

Words related to falsetto

a male singing voice with artificially high tones in an upper register

artificially high

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References in classic literature ?
He laughed and jeered at Jerry with falsetto chucklings that were more like the jungle-noises of tree-dwelling creatures, half-bird and half-man, than of a man, all man, and therefore a god.
Razumov" pierced the ear ridiculously, like the falsetto of a circus clown beginning an elaborate joke.
He met her rounding his bends on grey December dawns to music wild and lamentable as the almost forgotten throb of Dervish drums, when, high above Royal's tenor bell, sharper even than lying Beagle-boy's falsetto break, Farag chanted deathless war against Abu Hussein and all his seed.
someone could be heard within dancing frantically, marking time with his heels to the sounds of the guitar and of a thin falsetto voice singing a jaunty air.
While high male singing encompasses several voice designations, including tenor and castrato, the subject of this book is falsetto.
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 17, 2015-TSG Consumer Partners, Lizanne Falsetto Sell Food Company thinkThin to Glanbia
MARTIN HUTCHINSON FRANKIE Valli, whose distinctive falsetto has graced many outstanding records from the Sixties onwards, returns to the Midlands next week.
JERSEY BOYS Good Friday, Sky Movies Premiere, 9pm PREMIERE John Lloyd Young (above, left) as Four Seasons' frontman Frankie Valli, whose falsetto sweetened radio airwaves in the 1960s.
Auerbach's adaptable voice adds falsetto to Waiting On Words while the sad but elegant In Our Prime captures a band in full flight, retaining core strengths while eagerly embracing development.
VAN (CyHAN)- Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an spoke in falsetto in a public rally in Van on Thursday, surprising the crowd gathered and TV viewers around the nation.
With a sparkling smile and a falsetto that could make your heart stop, he captured the audience's hearts within moments of standing in front of his microphone.
Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre: In Space Gilded Balloon Bristo Square, Edinburgh UNTIL 25.
There's the shiny pop songs with jangly guitars, leapy falsetto choruses, off-beat high-hats and deeply catchy hooks.
This makes them sound like any other American rock band with only frontman Isaac Slade's textured falsetto setting them apart.