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Synonyms for falseness

Synonyms for falseness

the state of being false or untrue

unfaithfulness by virtue of being unreliable or treacherous

the quality of not being open or truthful

References in classic literature ?
He was treated with a solemn respect accorded in the irreverent West only to the monarchs of the stage, and he accepted the profound homage with a sustained dignity seen nowhere else but behind the footlights and in the condensed falseness of some grossly tragic situation.
Seeing her life unfold and the things she had to put up with - the falseness of certain people around her - it was on a different scale altogether to me.
Several independent investigations, sparked by the allegations, had already established the falseness of the claims.
When these intellectuals damage the reputation of a famous person such as Ali Salem in the course of his life and after his death, they reveal their falseness and fail to respect the most elementary rights of an intellectual person: His freedom of expression and the right to exercise it.
The fact that the British government has sent terrorists and extremists to Syria, such as its national "John, the ISIS Slaughterer", and harbored over tens of years others like Abu Qatada and Omar Abdel-Rahman reveals Britain's "political hypocrisy and the falseness of its claims about promoting democracy, fighting terrorism and protecting human rights," according to the letters.
I hope that this position of the Spanish government, officially passed by [the Spanish] parliament a few days ago, is sufficiently clear and convincing to refute and reveal the falseness of the claims," Ambassador Peydro said in his letter.
From David Attenborough and those newly born polar bear cubs, via Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood having their first ever critical disagreement over the two contestants (who were not eliminated), to the falseness of Top Gear and its hired mob.
told the artist Shirley Kaneda: "At the core of my being in the world, and my being an artist, is this feeling of falseness, which feels paradoxically like the one truly existential sense of self left, or possible.
Moran convincingly exposes the falseness of this caricature through sustained exegesis of both celebrated and overlooked passages in Kant's corpus, thereby revealing the centrality of communal flourishing in Kant's moral vision.
Karti said that the two sides have agreed on falseness of the erroneous reports which were circulated lately by some media.
The source stressed that these acts committed by Houthi elements are considered a dangerous escalation and crimes punishable by law disclosing falseness of what they call for in their different media means.
Exposing the falseness of the report, the Web site points out that the child Harry Styles is holding in his arms is Lou Teasdale's daughter, Lux.
The lawyers requested that their clients be acquitted and that all charges against them be dropped based on the alleged falseness and baselessness of their arrest and the investigations against them.
These groundless accusations are occasionally raised, but the falseness of such claims quite clear to everyone," Afkham told reporters at her weekly press briefing in Tehran.
The video, which seems genuine (unfortunately), proclaims the profound significance of certain slogans, for whose falseness Syrians, Lebanese, Palestinians, and Arabs in general have been paying the price.