false vocal fold

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either of the upper two vocal cords that are not involved in vocalization

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Direct laryngeal endoscopy with general anesthesia showed the smooth mass involving the left aryepiglottic fold and false vocal folds (figure 3).
Intraoperative evaluation identified a submucosal, fluctuant lesion at the level of the left false vocal fold that was believed to be a laryngocele.
Laryngeal oncocytomas typically occur within the laryngeal ventricle or false vocal folds, as these sites contain a high concentration of seromucinous cells.
Endoscopic examination detected a smooth submucosal right-sided mass that involved the aryepiglottic fold, false vocal fold, and true vocal fold (figure 1).
4-cm soft-tissue density that had filled the area of the right false vocal fold and effaced the vestibule.
The false vocal fold was incised, and an encapsulated, rubbery, red-tan mass was excised (figure 2).
The laryngoscope was positioned for optimum exposure of the left false vocal fold.
Fiberoptic examination identified a polypoid mass that involved the left false vocal fold and ventricle (figure 1).
In the pharyngeal phase, the larynx prevents material from entering the trachea by closing the true vocal cords, false vocal folds and aryepiglottic folds respectively.
In the cover photo, taken twenty years after this song was recorded, Macon is leaning back in his chair, legs spread, the banjo resting on his belly, the sound as I listen now plucked from the entrails of the one belly in earshot, mine, and familiar, the voice merging with that sound, a crack spreading down and out of the vent from the false vocal folds, a man born a hundred years before me speaking clearly from the deep racism of a 1970s childhood.
The appearance of the laryngeal ventricles, subglottic area, true vocal folds, and false vocal folds was normal.
Also evident were swelling of the left true vocal fold, the stigmata of radiation laryngitis, and diffuse white patches on the false vocal folds and arytenoid cartilages bilaterally.
4) The false vocal folds and the laryngeal ventricles are the most common sites of oncocytic cysts in the larynx; this distribution is believed to be attributable to the presence of abundant glandular tissue at these sites.
When the patient was evaluated the next day, endoscopy showed an ulceroproliferative growth involving the bilateral arytenoids, false vocal folds, and the laryngeal surface of the epiglottis.