false pretence

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(law) an offense involving intent to defraud and false representation and obtaining property as a result of that misrepresentation

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According to the Cyprus News Agency, the young woman had asked him for e1/410,000 at another time using false pretences however he did not follow through.
The trustees said: "It has been brought to [our] attention that the premises have been hired under false pretences by PRC Cambridge.
There are players who are just turning up and taking the money under false pretences.
The clear-out prompted a group of supporters to file a lawsuit against the club, claiming they had been sold their season tickets under false pretences.
But on his arrival, it becomes clear the paganloving locals have called him there under false pretences, and that they have big plans for the constable himself.
US banking giant Chase claim Mr Drumm obtained credit from them under false pretences or actual fraud.
Quite simply, that is not fair and they won the competition under false pretences.
The city board are no better than MPs, their behaviour nothing short of taking supporters' money under false pretences.
I believe they should all be sacked, because they were elected on false pretences.
He told peers: "If, like Lord Laid-law, you give cast iron undertakings to the House of Lords Appointments Commission that you will immediately become resident for tax purpose in this country in order to get a peerage and then flagrantly dishonour them you have simply obtained a peerage under false pretences.
Vinicio Luna, a retired army general, dominated headlines in his homeland this week after he was accused of seeking to obtain visas under false pretences for two men ahead of Thursday's 1-0 friendly defeat by Japan in Oita.
Each year a large number of women from Brazil, Colombia and the Dominican Republic are trafficked to Suriname under false pretences and subsequently exploited for prostitution.
It wasn't Brown who led the country into a war with Iraq under false pretences and it wasn't Blair who got the British economy into some semblance of order.
The other Welsh teams in the Celtic League use the term 'regional' under false pretences as they are no more than stand-alone clubs.
Come on,Charlie,even if you firmly believe Berti took money under false pretences when he was well past his prime, it doesn't mean you have to blank him.