false pregnancy

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physiological state in which a woman exhibits symptoms of pregnancy but is not pregnant

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I diagnosed Glenda with a condition called "Cloudburst" otherwise known as a false pregnancy.
org/our-issues/education-%2526-title-ix) "actual or potential parental, family or marital status" or on a student's "pregnancy, childbirth, false pregnancy, termination of pregnancy or recovery therefrom.
The second, an obstetrician/gynecologist, told jurors she believes Swartout had a false pregnancy - also sometimes referred to as a "hysterical" pregnancy - and never bore a child.
They then had to endure rumours that it was a false pregnancy and Suri may not have been their child.
Meanwhile, Jacqui, below, puts Theresa's false pregnancy bump device for shoplifting into mass production, and the McQueen girls help themselves to five-fingered discounts in nearly every shop in Chester.
Bianca Cappello underwent a false pregnancy in 1586, rendering Francesco's younger brother, Cardinal Ferdinando, extremely anxious in his own desire for the throne.
Shows dealing with this subject often cop out, with either a false pregnancy or a miscarriage after a rote debate on the issue, but ``Everwood,'' to its credit, holds its ground, sadly admitting there are no easy answers.