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the quality of being specific rather than general

the quality of being specific to a particular organism

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Far better, then, to have a few false positives than to miss cancers because a test is not sensitive enough to detect blood in the stool, whatever its cause - and thus misses blood caused by a colon cancer.
The higher false positive rates than previously reported can be attributed to the additional medical conditions in the lungs.
20-40% reduction in daily false positives with no additional false negatives.
Critics of widespread or mandatory testing contend the real costs of screening -- and counseling -- civilians may be much higher, and that a low false positive rate alone should not determine public policy.
Such variables may affect the rate of false positive or false negative results, he says.
Customer templates: Pre-defined templates for University, Enterprise or ISP customers provide specific settings for different deployments and are used to provide environment-specific detection capabilities and reduce false positives.
The result was twofold: a 25 percent uplift in identification of bad payments -- with positive affect on the issuer's profitability; and a 35 percent reduction in false positives, which meant fewer "good" customers were negatively affected.
The false positive rate is disproportionately high in women, who represent only about 7 percent of AIDS cases but nearly half the repeatedly positive ELISA tests.
This means that many men who have false positive tests for prostate cancer undergo unnecessary biopsies.
Both types of kits measure Prostrate Specific Antigen (PSA) or Acid Phosphatase (AP) and cross react with other body fluids such as saliva, vaginal fluid, menstrual blood and a host of animal fluids, yielding many false positive results," says Karl Reich, Ph.
Publishing with the perception of a novel finding that in fact is actually nothing more than a false positive may delay a research program substantially or even disrupt an entire scientific career, particularly if the spurious finding is chased by an unsuspecting and enthusiastic young investigator.
EastNets will discuss how financial institutions can optimize the use of available False Positive Reduction mechanisms and regularly tune their AML systems during a special Open Theatre presentation titled 'False Positive Reduction Mechanisms: Put an end to the Nightmare.
When a case becomes a false positive or false negative, a forecasting error has been made, and there are costs associated with each.
There is a relatively good chance that there will be a false positive for those particular drugs (methamphetamine and opiates)," said Dr.
Many of the major anti-spam software or appliance products generate false positive bounces," Shary Thur, president of Global IntelliSystems, said.