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plate (a timber along the top of a wall) to support the ends of joists, etc

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When Neilson's car was discovered at Dudley in January 1975, some eight days after Lesley Whittle's disappearance, with the false plate attached to yet another vehicle, it provided compelling evidence of his involvement in her abduction.
The car, with false plates, was pulled over by police during a road safety operation after officers spotted none of the occupants were wearing seatbelts.
A BOY aged 15 was caught behind the wheel on the school run with his fouryear-old sister and dad, in a car which had false plates.
The vehicle was also found to be on false plates and had been stolen from the Birmingham area in June.
Vehicle security company Tracker is flagging up statistics which reveal that one in 12 of the 37 million cars, lorries and motorbikes registered in the UK is likely to have false plates.
It turned out their hunch was spot-on as the car was stolen and being driven on false plates.
They made off with the vehicles -- to be either sold on with false plates, stripped for parts or burnt out.
FIVE men were sentenced to a total of almost 14 years' imprisonment for their part in a scheme which saw them steal vehicles and put false plates on them before selling them on to buyers.
The SIAM system scans license plates issued in various countries, to check within four seconds whether a vehicle crossing the border is stolen, carrying false plates or has undergone a transformation such as a color change.
He was driving it on false plates," said Mr Thomas.
The 20-year-old woman driving the vehicle was charged with driving with a suspended license and attaching false plates.
The vehicle, which was fitted with false plates, was found in a wooded area near Methlick.
He added: "In the past, offenders who have travelled into the force area have used stolen high performance vehicles on false plates.
Summary: Cases of drivers tampering number plates to avoid paying fines are on the rise in Dubai with police issuing alerts for 1,158 vehicles with such false plates.
A black Porsche Cayenne with false plates pulled up and two gunmen opened fire, killing Redmond, 42, and injuring friend John Maguire.