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a name that has been assumed temporarily

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If a client is discovered using a false name, Smith added, it could be difficult for the attorney to prove he or she didn't know of the deception.
The man gave a false name and address to a council officer who spotted him failing to clean up after his animal at a scenic stretch of the coast at Blyth on Thursday just after 5pm.
CLINTON - An alleged illegal immigrant who fled from a Main Street accident Saturday, and later gave a false name to police, was turned over to federal immigration authorities.
Mohammed Fazaldin, aged 29, of Coronation Road, Hillfields, was caught stealing letters from Northampton's main sorting office but investigators then found he had been employed under a false name and identity.
A DRIVER who gave a false name when he was arrested for suspected tax disc offence has been jailed for eight months.
Iranian national Farzad Cheshmehkhavar arrived in England in September 2000 claiming asylum under a false name, Newcastle Crown Court was told.
He also tried to escape three speeding tickets while driving his brother's Mercedes car by claiming that a man with a false name was the driver.
The 31-year-old used a false name to open a credit account at David Morgan, buying a stereo system and saucepans worth pounds 541 with the card on August 24, 2000.
N-DUBZ rapper Dappy has admitted he gives a false name and address whenever he is stopped and searched by police.
Five weeks later, he was arrested while living under a false name in Melbourne, Australia.
All of the above scenarios presuppose that there is nothing in the court file to indicate that the client has been charged and is proceeding under a false name.
But Hughes then gave a false name, which would have gone undetected had officers not smelled alcohol on his breath.
Police said Michael Stevens, 30, of 5B Chestnut Place, Framingham, was charged with receiving a stolen motor vehicle, receiving stolen property valued at more than $250, possession of burglary tools, giving a false name and Social Security number to police after being arrested, driving with a revoked license and reckless driving.
Drug addict Wood, of no fixed address, has a string of previous convictions and gave the false name because his brother has a clean record.
Anyone convicted of giving a false name and address to evade payment faces a maximum pounds 1,000 fine.