false colors

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The telescope can see in wavelengths of light beyond the human capacity for vision, and features visible only in such wavelengths are given false colors to make them visible to humans.
Dar pointed out that India was trying to give false colors to exchange of fire to satisfy its people and media both.
25m) and a study on the basis of digital orthophoto in the colors of the real ( RGB) and false colors (CIR) with the terrain pixel size of 0.
By scanning and digitally manipulating these finds--intentionally committing basic Photoshop "errors" in order to flatten out any hint of chiaroscuro--he clothed them in a gorgeous array of false colors and enhanced their contours, finally copying enlarged versions onto aluminum panels.
Military camouflage is the rallying ground of False Colors, the goodness of which lies in its freshness, its range of information (with anecdotes flying wild), and its sound technical theories about how we see.