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a horizontal structure that partitions a ship or box (especially one built close to the actual bottom)

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It was put into suitcases with a false bottom and would be brought in via airports at Newcastle, Glasgow and Prestwick.
Police also discovered $200 worth of marijuana in an aerosol can with a false bottom that was underneath the vehicle.
A packet with two kg of heroin was recovered from her suitcase with a false bottom.
The rig's connecting rods have dippers; oil is pumped to troughs in the pan's false bottom.
35pm Waxed, plucked, and wearing a false bottom and breasts, comedian Rhod Gilbert is about to tackle work experience as a woman as he attempts to try life as a drag artist.
The PP gives a high degree of strength to the finished construction; a false bottom was created and the fitting kit contained without deterring from the pack appearance.
The bottom drawer has a false bottom that hides the last of our secret compartments.
He was a grocer there, and had a delivery wagon with a false bottom in which he hid enslaved people trying to get to Canada.
He knocks the false bottom out of capitalist theory, but doesn't grasp just how far down the system reaches, or how tangled it gets.
The false bottom of a proper wine press provides an even, lowpressure drain surface that retains the pomace and the structure of the pomace cake filters particulates.
But they are also endowed with what might be called a conceptual false bottom that clearly distances them from an aesthetic of pure abstraction.
Irena smuggled infants out of the ghetto in the false bottom of the tool box that she carried.
FALSE BOTTOM IN HOUSING Weakness in home sales was exacerbated by the end of a popular housing tax credit for first-time buyers that had helped boost sales previously.
Returning from a trip to Pakistan in June 1988, he was arrested at the airport in Frankfurt, when customs agents discovered two kilogrammes of heroin hidden in the false bottom of his suitcase.
The customs agent found 2- kg of heroin under a false bottom.