false belief

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a misconception resulting from incorrect reasoning

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The ability of apes to grasp others' false beliefs roughly equals that of human 2-year-olds tested in much the same way, say Krupenye, of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, and colleagues.
Their problem is false belief, and the remedy is the method of question-and-answer.
Individuals experiencing such discomfort deserve psychiatric treatment no less than other individuals whose false beliefs cause emotional and functional impairment.
Dr David Webster, of Glasgow University, will today brand these policies part of a class war by out-of-touch Tories, who continue with their false belief that the unemployed are "skiving".
The judges also agreed a substantial number of her fans were likely to be led into the false belief she had authorised the T-shirt.
a false belief that a bomb was present in the factory".
For individuals with HFASD, the inability to detect that someone can believe something untrue and act upon that false belief makes it difficult to understand social situations, causing individuals to experience negative reactions in social situation (Yirmiya et al.
Following an explanation of the origins of the beliefs will be a description of an intervention that has been used to challenge each false belief and then a report of the effectiveness of that intervention gleaned from an end-of-semester survey which was completed by forty-four of the students in my advanced psychology class.
The so-called Islamic State has a seductive appeal for those in search of excitement and for recruits brainwashed on the internet into the false belief that they are joining a great cause.
Lane, Wellman, Olson, LaBounty, and Kerr (2010) suggested that false belief and emotion understanding are different abilities.
Initial studies of the development of ToM supported the premise that there is a developmental milestone, at around four or five years of age, when false belief understanding is acquired.
We had been lulled into a false belief that possibly the idea had been scrapped, then, lo and behold, we are told work is to commence immediately.